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But what if I am not into Findom…

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Well, little loser, whoever is not into Findom should never bother a Findomme in the first place! I know how rare it is to find a good domme that doesn’t have this fetish, because I got told by many subs and because I saw it myself, first handedly, but what is the point of sending a message, even a respectful one, to a financial dominatrix who won’t even look at it, or if she will she will perceive it as a bother?

Why wasting your time and (possibly) hers if you do not share her biggest kink?

It is exactly like entering a jewellery and asking for a pair of jeans. None will even bother answering your question, you will have a good look around, maybe stick there for a while, dreaming of the diamonds, but in the end you will have to leave, cause either you’d be thrown out of the shop (aka blocked), or you will just be completely ignored until you’ll go away without a word.

That way you are not only bothering someone that you should have an enormous amount of respect for, but you are also wasting your own time, that could be of better use if you were looking for someone who really may be interested in guiding you into submission. I also acknowledged that sending a DM to a superior woman could arouse some men that have the fetish to be humiliated and subdued…but wouldn’t it be much better if you were actually appreciated for your message, instead of considered annoying and a loss of time?

Different is the case of a curious finsub, who is just approaching this amazingly involving practice, and does not have a clear idea of what he wants, if he really is willing to become a crawling servant. I would suggest to this sub to start reading Findomme’s blogs like mine, gather more informations from other finsubs and understand better what his desires really are before sending a private message to any goddess.

If you apply to be one of my finsubs you need to have the right mindset, to be prepared to dedicate yourself to me, to give me what I deserve and obey to my orders without any procrastination, whilst being full of joy because of it.

Don’t be time wasters.

Be good finsubs and you will be rewarded.

Miss Demonia

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