How will you please me this time?

  • Verse*

  • Skrill*

  • Revolut*

  • Paysafecard




You may send them to demonia.lilithiae@yahoo.com

Tributes can be sent through Verse only if:

  • They are not the initial tribute and you already served me in the past or you are still serving me.

  • You are part of the Findom Discord and you approach me from it.


Skrill and Revolut are strictly reserved to owned servants.

Paypal is currently unavailable


Initial Tribute

Every financial submissive knows well how an Initial Tribute is due and fundamental to establish they recognize my power and my superiority.


I will not even consider any first message that doesn't come with one.

There are two different kinds of initial tribute: 

  •  the first one is a beg for pure attention and care, and it is thought for the ones of you who ultimately desire being owned and living under my dark wing. The minimum to achieve such level of attention is 50€ (approximately $60), but if you want to impress me, you should aim higher.

  • the second one consists in a $30 tribute that will entitle you to pay to play my Findom Games but nothing more than that. It is a reasonable way for me to avoid wasting my time playing with submissives that aren't going to satisfy me once they get to discover their prize.

Send your Initial Tribute: IndiebillAllmylinks - Amazon


Send it through Crypto Currency


Crypto Currency

Bit Coins: 3ERm1LDmCTegL7wHqKuZZwKjbXFJ4szasc

Ethereum: 0x2b2553086e31429A3c0B4420C7741098F8118C7B

Litecoins: MCjrhfrZ6fPkgnQZNcyySQbBG8hCKmWVtT

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