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Welcome, subservients, to Miss Demonia's BETA Project, where the ones who devoted themselves to me and were inevitably annihilated by my power will perennially live.

Once you walk through the gates of my addictive, personal abyss you will never be able to forget it... and even if you wished to, this permanent reminder won't but cement your inexorable although sweet demise forever.

These lucky toys hurt their wallets for my pleasure enough to earn their righteous rankings. Every financial goal they hit is forever recorded.


Are you going to ever read your name between the ones of my good boys?

  • Lordmage

  • Metamut

Whimpering Whale
  • French Fry

Addicted Adorator
  • Thatoneguy

Good Boy
  • Lordmage

  • Metamut

  • Puppy

  • Candii

Thankful Toy
  • GB

  • adam

  • Mister QT

  • Sissy Jasmine

  • Clem

Succumbed Slave
  • c

  • c

  • c

  • Chaste_slave

  • Skippy the Meh

  • Mikemas

  • James sub

Disrupted Deviant
  • Submissiveboy

  • Klash

  • Carvin

  • Clammy

  • Peter

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