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Truth being told, it is not easy to be one of my owned servants. It wouldn't be worth it, if it was, am I right?

Reading my blog will help you understand what I'm looking for in a subservient in an extremely detailed way. If, after researching, you believe you could be of interest for me, and you wish to fulfill my fetishes and desires, then you may approach me correctly.

Needlessly to say, same goes for the ones who, on the other hand, aren't interested in ownership, but would anyways like to play one of my Findom Games, or be submitted during a session.

If you just desire sending for the sake of being dedicated to me, then you may directly head to my WISHTENDER, where you will find a reason for your Tribute, if you crave for one.

You may start by heading to my Tributes page, and only after sending your first proof of devotion, you may contact me.


Do not try to waste my precious time.


Do not waste yours either.

Come prepared or don't come at all.

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