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Who is Miss Demonia?

First of all, I am a 31 years old domme, who has been exploring and trying a huge variety of BDSM practices in the last 13-14 years, whilst I discovered Findom 9 years ago, thanks to a servant of mine. If you want to know about this story, stay tuned on my blog, if I will be motivated enough by my finsubs I will end up revealing exactly what happened the day I embraced my Financial Dominatrix side.

I have to say that from that moment Findom became a very strong fetish for me, since it embodies the total and complete surrender of the submissive pet to the superior Mistress, who will lead them, ruling their life and helping them become a better version of themselves, while being adored, cherished and thanked, with devotion and tributes.

Needlesly to say, my way of dominating starts, continues and ends with Findom, but I will pay attention to any of my subservients’ weaknesses and adjust to them, in order to use them in the better way possible. The list of my kinks is basically endless, my only limits are illegal practices, so do not worry if you feel like you are too much of a perverted filthy sub to share your likings…you whisper, I’ll listen, but ultimately I will decide what to do with you, if you can keep me satisfied.

If you’re seeking for a sweet and loving kind of domme, or for nudity, I’m afraid you are not in the right place, for I am strict and severe, I pretend deep loyalty and honesty from any of my pet, as well as good communication. In addition to all this, I have a very busy life and I’m a picky person who likes to dedicate her time to fewer, but more deserving finsubs on a long term basis.

Are you interested in serving me? Then visit my socials, read my blog, drool on my Gallery and come prepared. 

Remember that I am the one in charge, you are not paying for a service, you are sacrificing your savings for someone that you consider way more deserving than you, to show your devotion in order to be noticed, hence why you will have absolutely no right to ask for me to do anything whatsoever. My will is your command.

Know your place, know what awaits you and embrace your addiction, I’m here to feed it.



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