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Actions speak louder than words.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Yesterday night I was begged for forgiveness.

It was something I was expecting, since I know each and every one of my submissives better than they know themselves, and I was sitting on my throne, with my legs crossed, ready to watch this precise little worthless vermin crawl in the mud in front of my feet. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

I knew in adavance every single word he pronounced.

I knew what he was about to say before he even thought it.

It was quite entertaining, for a while, so I let him speak, and I tortured him one last time, but my decision was already made since the beginning of our conversation, and much before that, since the last time he disappointed me.

He broke my rules, more than once, and for that there is no forgiveness, so, he lost the best Domme he could have ever had, out of his own stupidity. Trust me when I say that he is not the first and he won’t be the last, and that everyone who went through this could barely handle the despair that followed my refusal.

My rules, servant, are simple. Loyalty and Honesty. If you do not feel like you can fulfill those two basic requirements do not even try to capture my attention, because you will just never be worthy of it, since everything else, the money, your ability to keep me entertained, the control…everything comes after, even if this doesn’t make these secondary requirements less important.

I offer the best, and I expect the best in return.

If you come to beg me for my power over you, expect to lose every one of your rights, and to be tested every day. I will remember every fake move, every mistake you make, as well as everything that makes me proud of you or satisfied, and my acts will be a consequence of your actions.

Mine is a dictatorship where the only word that counts is mine, I don’t care for anyone and anything else, if you can’t satisfy my will and my desires, you are not worthy of having me around, finsub, no matter how much you beg or promise.

So, is there a way to gain my forgiveness and try to step back at the bottom of my throne, under my addicting dark wing?

Since I obviously am a clever person and an expert Domme, I can understand fear, regret and addiction much better than a lot of other people, so the processes submissives go through when they bow down to their owner are quite clear to me. I always give a second chance if I consider the servant worth the risk of a second disappointment, but only if he positively changed in some ways or if he is ready to sacrifice more in terms of obedience, financial control and servitude.

Instead it is everything but easy to return to be a slave at my mercy, if I get deeply disappointed a second time, and even more difficult if the second mistake the submissive made was the same he already committed before. It is not simple to change someone’s bad habits and there is no way to do it without total compliance. I do not see a single reason why I should struggle with someone that is not ready to completely submit, why I should waste my time and my energies in order to fulfill someone else’s desires of being degraded and owned, when I have proper submissives that deserve my time, and I get more and more of them everyday.

You, servant, are easily replaceable.

You are not valuable.

I don’t need you.

At that point, what could you offer me, that could make me change my mind?

Well, to be fair it happened once before, that I accepted again a finsub who was deeply and truly sorry for his previous shameful actions and begged me to take him back, not with words, since he knew that I consider those as empty, meaningless when they aren’t backed up by worthy actions.

Instead he stood at my side, silent, showing me his pure devotion, expiating his fault by sending his tributes, without a single word from me, finally being faithful, finally committing.

I made him suffer for the time I considered necessary and then I admitted him back at my feet, where he still stays in the moment being, grateful for my mercy, because he knows that I am worthy of that and much more, that there is none like me, that I am the absolute best.

If you ever wish to have my forgiveness, servant, my best suggestion for you is to show how much you crave for it.

Actions speak louder than words.

Miss Demonia

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