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Get locked, get owned, get subdued.

Frustration February is finally here, and what better time, for a Findomme who takes part in the joy of denying and rising my submissives' sexual exasperation, to speak about one of my favourite kinks, when it comes to controlling and using my servants?

Chastity, a word that scares, but at the same time intrigues many of you, one of the biggest admission of your lack of value as a true man, one of the more obvious ways to allow someone else to be in control of your own body and not only of your orgasms, but also of the opportunity to get hard, edge, and to touch your valueless gooning stick.

It is mostly a kink shared by cis-male people, or by sissies, where the submissives lock their own penis in a chastity device, that can differ for material, dimensions, shape, etc., with the ultimate intention to remain chaste and not have the possibility to have sex for life.

Obviously, it never starts off as a permanent situation, since it would not be bareable, and if the chaste servant aims for such outcome, he needs a specific training in order to reach the point where release is just a far away dream, and constant frustration is an everyday sweet companion.

The device can be locked with a key, which can be kept by the submissives themselves, or, better, given or sent to a keyholder, which can be a girlfriend, a wife or a Domme, and these last situations are much preferrable on the long term, because they intensify the feeling for the servant of not being the owner of his own genitals.

Another good solution I use to keep the situation under control so that my subs don't have to send such precious keys all around the globe at the start of a chastity period, is using disposable plastic padlocks, which are characterised by a unique number, a different one for each one of them, and can't be opened unless they get cut. This way I can check on my subservient's obedience anytime I desire it, and he can't lie about it whatsoever, but at the same time if there's any sort of emergency my servant can rapidly remove the device without any sort of issue.

Chastity may start as a casual kink, but when the idea gets radicated in your head, finsub, you won’t want to have the freedom of feeling your dicklet moving and hardening ever again and this fetish will really become a life changing opportunity to be your real submissive undeserving self.

Why so? Because after giving up your mind and donating your resources and your every moment to your domme, dedicating your whole sexual life to her is the most natural and obvious step you may ever take. It will just remark the idea that nothing belongs to you, not even your own genitals are free to react to simula the way they used to, and this is part of the process of being completely owned, enslaved, a pet and a toy for your Dominant to use.

In the end chastity is another way, just like financial domination, for the sub to sacrifice for me a fundamental part of his life, his sexual freedom, in order to fully dedicate himself to me and a submssive who locks up his own genitals to show me how much power he is eager to give me over his existance is an enormous turn on. Always remember, servant, that inferiors shouldn’t have the chance to reach the orgasm, they should be impotent, trading the ability to get hard and get release with a constant state of needing and wanting, putting my will before theirs all the time, becoming softer and more malleable, even more ecstatic and joyful to get orders and to fulfill my desires than before they were locked.

Servitude in chastity becomes pure pleasure.

Of course this kink can’t be loved by everyone, and it indeed looks like a scary practice to whoever fancies the idea of being submissive, but is still newer to our fetish world, or for who is just not into a more physical way to express his masochistic needs, but personally I love letting the idea of it gently sliding into several of my submissive’s heads.

At the end of the day, even if at the beginning of our relationship they were scared and maybe against this it, they are the ones who beg me to lock them up, to make them mine even on that level.

Never let your fears forbid you to have more fun and discover new sides of yourself, servant.

Allow your domme to lead you and you will be blessed.

Miss Demonia

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