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An intertwinement of Addictions

Everyone who indulged in the pleasure of financial domination knows well how deeply addictive it can become, and how fast it can put down its roots into someone's soul. The filthy pleasure of being completely dominated, the release and the rush when that send button is pressed, the fulfilment gained once your domme is satisfied with you... Serving can easily become a need, being owned a necessity, am I right, finsub?

Even dominants are chained by the same sort of spell, after all there is a reason why Findom became my most favourite kink, as I already said before in my article about it. The feeling of having someone at my mercy, ready to sacrifice their life, mind, body and wallet to me is inebriating, powerful, and it can even lead an unaware domme to corruption if it is not strictly controlled. Luckily my will is strong and trained to resist this sort of psychological noxiousness, but I can't say the same for some dominants and all of the submissives that I met during my path in Financial Domination.

The addicting and charming nature of this fetish is exactly why a large percentage of subs and dommes that are into it, myself included, are attracted to gambling, which is as dangerous, enticing and conditioning. To be more precise, I love setting up games where the outcome is sort of uncertain for the subs to play, in order to let Dame Luck have a part in leading and deciding, celebrating the fact that nothing is truly certain in our lives. Since I cannot stand anything boring, I am extremely inventive with them, I love switching around and changing the prizes and task, granting me and the playing subs a different kind of experience every time.

Another thing I would like to point out is that what finsubs usually hope for are the outcomes that involve receiving a picture of mine or even a task, because this way they feel like they actually won a prize, instead of "losing their money" the way it happens during commong gambling games...

But this is Findom.

The eye opening truth, servant, is that the best result you can get is to earn the honour of sending me a tribute. That way you get to be an instrument for the realisation of my happiness, you end up being able to serve me and sacrifice for me, slowly finding your place into this filthy dark world, at my feet. There is no better prize to win, in your whole life than to be one of my subservients.

The rush of adrenaline that you get whilst watching one of my wheels spinning or picking a number is comparable to an explosion of fireworks, a rollercoaster, where hope and excitement get mixed together, inflaming your nerves, making you weak and needy for more. Everytime the arrow lands or you get to know what is inside one of my boxes, you can't wait to spin again, to open another one.

You just can't help yourself.

Without my control it is so easy to lose track of the money you spend when you are lost in that special subspace, prey of your own emotions and addictions. Your weakness needs to be managed by someone more powerful than you, someone you keep on restlessly looking for, to ease your pain and fill the void in your heart. A trustworthy strong Mistress that you can serve, be dedicated to, someone whose happiness will give you motivation in your everyday life, so that you will be realised in your servitude.

Someone like me.

So don't wait any further, finsub, and if you are still afraid of letting go of your whole self, but you still wish to serve me, play one of my games.

Spin a wheel, pick a box and fulfill my desires.

Miss Demonia

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