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The consumerist side of Love

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Take a moment to imagine your near future.

Picture yourself at your desk, or on your sofa, at your phone or at your computer, idly scrolling through Twitter and looking for a motivation to make your day brighter, checking my Tweets, admiring my perfection, sighing. It's another lonely day, where your friends aren't around, everyone is busy and you wish you had someone special to dedicate yourself to. It's another stressful day where you don't feel understood, appreciated, where something, someone, is missing.

It's Valentine's Day.

A day that was always, or almost, unhappy for you, even when you weren't feeling that lonely.

No one ever really comprehended your needs, your desire to sacrifice and be of service for someone greater than you, you could never tell anybody about it. You were too scared.

So here we are, once again, another day wasted waiting for someone to love, cherish, selflessly worship, another celebration spent wondering what if you just decided to get your act together and send a tribute with a loving message to that perfect Domme that you wished to serve for so long...

Are you truly going to put your day to waste again?

Is it really worth waiting, when deep inside of your heart you know that the person that embodies everything you need already exists and is easily reachable, if only you can gather up enough courage to contact her in the right way?

Or is it better to give in, instead, and forget about your hesitations, in order for you to finally break the circle of shame and sadness, to feel fulfilled, happy, to spend your day cheerfully showing your devotion in the perfect form, money and power, to someone who truly deserves it, to me?

There's no better time than Februaryt the 14th to come out to me and beg me to accept your servitude, for it became the day where love, both the romantic love between two lovers and the pure, true one felt by a subservient for a superior Domme, get represented with gifts, tributes, money. It is the day when Findom meets the consumistic side of Love itself and it is the right moment for you to finally admit that you need to be controlled, guided and lead to be peaceful, to find your own place in the world.

You will only feel authentic fulfillment when you will get to put a smile on my face while being allowed to fund any of my whims, which will become the most important things in your whole life. You are already aware of the fact that I am your deeper motivation, saying it out loud to me will only make your life better.

We both know you will be lonely on Valentine's Day.

Send your tribute and make of me your Valentine.

Miss Demonia

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