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True Dominance

I often have the feeling that the majority of submissives who have a fetish for femdom imagines the domme dressed in a leather suit, with a flogger in her hands, wearing heavy, but elegant makeup and having a cruel smile on her face, careless and merciless while she gets ready to torture the lucky victim who lays on the floor in front of her.

It is a common mistake to see this as the only kind of dominating woman in BDSM, and it is obviously due to the imagine of femdom that is spread through porn, but domination is far more than just a mere outfit worn by a stunning lady, even if I admit how charming leather, latex and dangerous high heels can be.

Dominance comes from deep within the mind, starting from the first time in which a submissive’s gaze encounters mine and there it continues, digging its way to the depths of his subconscious. As soon as my eyes pierce your soul, servant, you will inevitably be intrigued and charmed. Even if you never spoke with me before, you will feel my power flowing from them, surrounding your brain in a sweet misty cloud, making it difficult for you to properly think.

It isn't but the first step, and many don’t even notice they made it, but it leads to the path that brings the luckiest ones straight under my dark wing.

Reading my words makes you realise how much you recognize yourself into them, it shows you how easy it is for me to read deep inside of you, how easily I could become the lighthouse in your life, how much you truly crave for it.

It is because you are incomplete.

What lacks in your empty life is someone to dedicate yourself to, someone that you perceive as superior, more deserving...and definitely not just because of the way she looks, but also because of her cleverness, her power, her charisma. The only way you have to feel complete once again is to admit your place at my feet, servant, and accept your inferiority, worshipping me and sacrificing your money, mind and body to me.

You see, even now you can’t do anything but agreeing with me, because my words feel absolutely right, the concepts are perfectly expressed, so that you can’t help but wanting to serve me with your whole self.

This is what dominance is, the power of submitting, of attracting weak and lost beggars straight to me without any effort, just expressing my ideas and allowing you lucky servants to see me. A dominant woman does not need a latex outfit to be powerful, her mere presence is enough to make your knees tremble and suddenly empty your mind, whilst your mouth gets dry and your hands can’t help but sweating. When you come into my DMs I can feel your urges, I can see your nervousness, your excitement, because you already know that I am too much for you, too much for any servant.

I don’t need a dungeon to make your heart beat faster.

I don’t need a whip to hurt you.

I don’t need you either.

But you, little finsub, you do crave for the dominance of someone so deserving, merciless and powerful. There’s no escape from your own fetishes, you will be haunted for life by them in the sweetest way, so why not allowing yourself to fall for someone that you can clearly feel is superior?

Only the fear of the descent, of knowing that you really might be owned forever might stop you. Is it worth listening to that fear? You will just end up falling at one point, wasting your time looking for me in someone else. And in the end you will lose your chance of being truly blessed, owned, complete. If you have what it takes to be mine, don’t miss your chance.

True dominance lays in my soul.

Come to serve me, if you dare.

Miss Demonia

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Arthur K
Arthur K
Sep 01, 2021

Nice bllog

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