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About pornosexuality…

I have noticed, lately, that a huge amount of people I am in touch with, thanks to my fetishes and my choice of exploring new ways to fulfill my desires, is deeply and happily addicted to porn.

This trend, which is still relatively new and did not make it to the mass media yet, luckily I must say, is seen by most people who are part of the world of kink as weird and excessive, an issue and a waste of time and money.

Personally, even tho I am not a pornosexual, since I happen to enjoy real sex a lot more than masturbation and I do not wish to limit myself only to the latter, I happen to understand the people who are into it. I definitely get how it could be a wise choice, for someone who feels inadequate and unable to please an eventual partner, or unable to succesfuly enjoy sex, to dedicate their whole sexual life to porn. I also know very well how extremely difficult it is to embark on a path that deviates so much from what is considered socially acceptable.

Why should anyone who does not share this passion for porn kinkshame pornosexuals? It would be like a Domme judging a submissive as a degenerate, if he liked worshipping her feet or her sweaty smelly armpits, or if he dreamed of being pegged, peed on, etcetera. It would be like judging a vanilla person for deciding to avoid anal sex, which is quite a common happening, even nowadays.

What gives people the right to judge?

Absolutely nothing. None is entitled to say you are wrong, if you decide to fuck your hand instead of sticking your genitals in a more or less wet hole. Worshipping porn is a life choice. A brave one, since to make it you have to admit to yourself that you are not what society expects you to be, but you are different, maybe not a leader, and at the same time definitely capable to find your place in our filthy dark world.

Well, my dear servant, whoever you are you have to decide it for yourself, and rise against the morals, against the walls that others may build to exclude what they perceive as abnormal. Embrace your fetishes and your kinks with shameless pride, look for guides, if you need them, always remember that doms and dommes are here for you, and last but not least never feel like you are wrong, because you simply are not. Do not choose to live your life the way others would want you to live it, instead pick the path that you know will lead you to happiness.

Don’t let society tell you what you have to like, how you have to live.

Pornosexuality is not a crime, it’s a lifechoice.

Miss Demonia

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