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Findom, the truth about Financial Domination

I’ve already spoke my mind about pornosexuality some days ago and because I know how controversial and difficult to understand it may appear to the ones who aren't familiar with it, the moment has come for me to start talking about my biggest fetish, that frames them all. Findom.

A lot of words were said about it in the past few years, an enormous amount of people, influencers, magazines and tv shows had to make their mostly infamous comments about this fetish. Why, someone might ask, not leaving the darkness in the pit where it belongs? Oh, the mystery is extremely easy to solve.

We live in a world dominated by money. You need it to buy your food, to make sure your home is warm enough during the winter, to pay for public transports in order to go to work and make more of it. Our lives are set and ruled by the numbers in our bank account, or so it feels like, in time to time. In the end the one thing basic people are scared to lose and to give away is money.

And what happens when someone indulges in the pleasure of controlling what feels like someone else’s true life source, something that goes beyond the body and reaches the core of their existence and wellness? They get extremely frightened.

Financial Domination. A scary name, or so it seems to the ones who are misinformed about it. To a lot of vanilla people, but also to a lot of the ones who are part of our kinky world, those two words sound almost like a blasphemy. It is insane! It is unhealthy! It is just a source of income! Those are only few of the things I have heard recently when the topic comes out.

People tend to get deeply worried when they realise that someone could endanger their funds and even a lot of subs who enjoy being hurt, humiliated, mistreated and consensually abused refuse to take in any consideration the idea of accepting findom as a proper fetish, because of how our society and our world are built. It doesn’t matter if your health could be at risk, if your body is under threat, what really matters is that your money is safe.

In this sort of vision, Findom embodies the fall of the last and the highest of the walls that a submissive person creates around their core to protect themselves from the abuses of a superior being, represented by the Dom or the Domme. It can be liberating, as well as caging, a way to get rid of all your worries and at the same time a guilt that the sub has to deal with. It can become truly addicting, and dangerous if it is not under control, just like any other kind of spending habit such as gambling and shopping, but that is exactly why we, the dommes, exist, am I right? A paypig doesn’t have to think, he has to follow, while I lead the game. I would never allow any of my subs to go bankrupt, they are my toys and I take care of them.

A broken toy cannot be played with, and every good experienced domme knows it well.

A findomme is not a seller, she doesn’t put a price to her time. She is not a mercenary or a prostitute either, but someone whose qualities and superiority make her deserving of loyalty and tributes, and the finsubs sacrifice their own wealth in order to get her attention, her special care, renouncing their luxuries (and not their needs!) to demonstrate their devotion. Sending is what they do to feel hurt, to release themselves, to feel safe, in their special happy place, other than pleasing their Goddess, and the domme is there to lead them further into submission.

A tribute is a great honour and not a punishment.

None is obliged to share this kink, as well as any other one, for it is a personal taste, so don’t judge the subs and the dommes who are into it.

We would never judge you for your (legal) fetishes.

If you hear the call of the siren, if you wish to crawl under my dark wing, you have ways to reach for me. Do not allow your doubts to deprive you of what you truly desire.

Miss Demonia.

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