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Cuckoldry, the guilty pleasure of the worthless sub.

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Cuckold. If you search this word on our dear Pornhub, you will get an enormous amount of videos regarding it, as you can see in the picture below:

But why is this kink such a huge turn for a lot of submissives? Allow me to enlighten you about this matter.

Cuckold is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “an insulting word for a man whose wife has sex with another man”, but this definition lacks what really is the point of being a cuck, which is the guilty and extreme arousal caused by being aware that your partner is getting involved in sexual relatonships with other people.

This fetish is quite common between a huge quantity of servants I know or I have talked to, not only regarding their actual partner, if they have one, but also their friends, or even their mistresses.

Why is it, then, that a person gets so desperately horny while being cucked?

And also why, even if it makes them feeling extremely miserable and even less desirable than they usually feel, they still enjoy it and dedicate a lot of time, edges and pleasure to the thought of it?

The answer is very simple: most subs love feeling worthless.

As I already stated in a previous article, masochism comes in various shapes and ways and they don't always involve pure physical pain. Some submissives might enjoy verbal humiliation, some others money draining, others again get their guilty pleasure from cuckoldry.

All of these fetishes and many more can be combined together in poliedric structures, since, in the end, they are just all different reflections of the same need, the need to be put in the place where a loser belongs, on his knees, completely deprived of any sort of power.

Personally, as a findomme I totally adore this kink, from the point of view of the abuser, of course, not of the one being (always consensually) abused.

Let’s be honest, isn’t this something you subs have fantasized at least once in your miserable life?

Having your domme releasing and fulfilling her pleasure with someone that she considers more satisfying and deserving than you, whilst you fund her lingerie, her drinks, their restaurant and even their luxurious hotel room… maybe some of you even hate this obsession of yours, but for how much you despise it, you just can’t seem to have enough of it.

Am I right little finsub?

I, your Goddess, the most important being in your pathetic life, can achieve my pleasure with whoever I desire and that constantly reminds you of the fact that you will never be the chosen one, you will never lay beside me… you are simply not enough.

In the end you will always be condemed to watch, hear and clean, if you are lucky enough.

This eternal frustration is so sweet, so addicting, it definitely embodies everything you are looking for, finsub, and if you can’t help feeling aroused just reading these few words, thinking you are not a cuck…you are in denial.

You should already know it, servant, you will never be able to escape from your own feelings and your own fetishes, you will only be happy once you surrender to them, having someone at your side guiding you and leading your life in the dust where it belongs.

Now get on your knees, admit your filth and praise me, little losers.

I might be so kind and allow you to tribute for my dates.

Miss Demonia

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