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Findom is not easy money

“Hello there Miss. Interested in finding some paypigs can you introduce me to any”

“Heyy girl, teach me your ways!”

“Hello, I’m new to twitter but not to findom, any paypig?“

Everybody was a beginner. There is absolutely no shame in that, because everyone, at one point in their lives, had to start learning something, be it walking, reading, riding whatever they’d like to ride or dominating.

Too many women (but also men, even if FinDoms are rarer, and cashmasters are ridiculous) are attracted to financial domination because they see it as a fast way to gain a dime or two, and they end up claiming of being into the kink itself without having the slightest idea of what it means or how to truly be dominants. Often times, they try acting out a part that is not comfortable for them, and they end up being aggressive, insulting, pretending a self confidence that they do not really own and when it comes to the real deal, talking to a submissive, since they do not know what to do, how to act, what to say, they end up asking for money and ghosting away right after the first tribute.

A lot of them come in my DMs asking for advices, most times without paying the due respect for my hard work, my years of practice and the passion and dedication I put into every single minute of my online domination.

Here are my two cents.

The first and most important suggestion I can give to those of you that are getting to know Findom and are attracted to it, is to understand your vision of it first. Is it a fetish of yours? Or do you just pretend it is, in order to try to gain some fast and easy money on the go?

If the answer is the second one, just do not even start. Financial Domination is not a job, at least it does not start as one, instead it is a deeply rooted kink and a way to express yourself, one more way to bind a submissive under your dark spell. It takes practice and patience to be learnt and done at its best, other than a good amount of your time. It is not that fast and it is surely not easy.

In addition, a person can be born a dominant, attitude and behaviour-wise, but none is born a Domme, and even less a findomme, since to proceed into the depths of financial domination a Mistress must know well how to manage not only her money, but her subs’ lives and possessions, in order not to bring them to a point of no return, bankruptcy or mental instability. Remember, broken toys have no use for you to play with, so as a findomme you have to learn how to mantain them in perfect conditions and, at the same time, conditioned, for they always have to worship you and know who is in charge.

So, research. If you are a domme who wants to dive into findom, or a woman that decided to try to try what it feels to be in charge of worthless submissives, or again just someone who heard of this and feels excited about it read, inform yourself, build an idea of what findom is for you before attempting to walk in the insidious darkness of the abyss.

If you ask for advice, do it politely and be ready to offer something in exchange, never try to take advantage of another domme’s patience and kindness. If your start was slow, or if you feel like you are not having success, studying will get you going and offering a better content for possible submissives.

I’ve been there as well, long ago, and I still am right now, since there will never be a point where I will be able to say that I know enough. Learning is fundamental in my everyday life and every servant I enter in contact with provides some more knowledge, every article I read brings me a little further. I never stop evolving, and it pays off.

I’m so real, so effective, so powerful that none can escape my gaze or my words.

Finsubs who get entangled in my web are doomed, in the sweetest way.

Miss Demonia

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1 Comment

Bundy Ted
Bundy Ted
May 02

Findom is effortlessly making money. It's really easy money. I've seen it, and you won't fool anyone by pretending that you have to work hard to get thousands of dollars from men. You don't have to do anything except demanding. This is not working.

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