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How to approach a Findomme

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

I haven’t been an online Findomme for a long time, but even during these first few months of activity I received an enormous amount of messages from different subs on various social medias (Discord, Kik, Twitter and Tumblr), pleading for my attention. It is very unfortunate to say that a lot of them was more or less disrespectful towards the superior being that I am.

I came to the conclusion, after the hundredth message, that most people that are curious or interested about Findom do not have the slightest idea of how to approach a Domme. Well, finsubs and wannabes, let me teach you a little lesson here, on how to properly show your respect and devotion to a Financial Dominatrix.

First of all, even before contacting me, but also any other Domme, a good servant that wants to be positively noticed must check if I posted anywhere in my page or blog an address for him to start sending his tributes, in order to show me that he is worthy of a second gaze and a reply. Most, if not every Findomme I know, myself included, has her preferred methods to receive a tribute listed somewhere and making the effort to check them up will make you look ready to serve, hence why more appealing to her. In addition, sacrificing before talking will surely allow you to be taken in much higher consideration, and, of course, the higher the donation the more attention you will generally get.

If the finsub does not know how to send a tribute before texting, which is the case with Kik or Discord general chats, then he is entitled to send a DM instead, and, always addressing me with reverence and in a polite way, calling me Miss or Domme and always respecting my preference for the title I keep in my name, he should introduce himself pleading me to tell him where he can send his tributes, before starting a proper conversation.

Don't be surprised if I do not desire to give you any attention before you showed your respect for my major kink, in the end you are the one who is willing to serve, which means putting me and my desires first all the time.

Be good finsubs and you will be rewarded, be unworthy and you won’t have a second chance.

Remember, sending your money to me is a huge privilege.

Miss Demonia

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