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Some submissives are better than others.

Shock news, I often reject finsubs.

Oh, do not get me wrong now, I don’t just shut the door to every single individual that comes into my DMs looking for my attention, but my experience taught me to be extremely selective when it comes to the circle of slaves I desire having at my service. It is always important to know how to get satisfied and appeased in life, even more for a findomme, so I came to the conclusion that it is completely useless to waste my overly precious time with servants I do not recognize as worthy of my presence.

There are many reasons why I may stop speaking with a submissive, but the most important ones are two, let’s call them The Great Disappointment and You Are Not Prepared.

To explain the first case, you have to know that I never accept anyone under my dark wing without a probation period, which I find fundamental to understand if the applying submissive may or may not be of interest for me, if I get enough satisfaction while using and (consensually) abusing them in many kinds of ways, and if they are not fully aware of their fetishes, and if they do understand mine, especially findom.

Allow me to say that many lack in comprehension.

In addiction, since I am looking for certain precise qualities in my finsubs, such as cleverness and readiness, for example, the trial allows me to separate who really does have them from the ones who just claim to, in particular if the person who approached me is less interested in humiliation and masochism, but still wants to worship me and put my wellness and wishes before his ones.

The Great Disappointment comes when, during such probation period, the individual that I am testing is unable to entertain me, providing me too few in terms of either qualities such as loyalty or capacity to understand and obey, or money. None is excluded, everyone is constantly tested and kept under control, even when I put a long term collar around their valueless necks.

You Are Not Prepared is the kind of situation where people who defines themselves submissive are in fact just selfishly looking for a way to stimulate their own sexual urges and eventually to get off, abusing of a domme’s time and patience, with no regards for her superiority, since they do not ultimately recognize it. Yes, this category also includes any time waster or any so called finsub who will not send initial tributes, or who has conditions for them. It sometimes happens that this kind of “fake submissive” are unaware of their disrespect and really believe that they are devoted, ready to serve, but as well as the ones that are well conscious of their unacceptable behaviour they put their own desires before the domme’s ones, annoying her with continue requests, trying to grab her attention for their own pleasure, whining if they are not content with the amount of priceless time their domme dedicates to them.

Clearly, they do not understand what being a servant really means and not only they do not respect someone they dare calling Goddess and Mistress, but they also try to push for me to satisfy them, regardless of what really matters in any kind of D/s relationship, which is what the Dominant wants. The true slaves’ satisfaction starts from the act of bowing down in front of me, a worthy domme. If you feel like you are entitled to have a certain kind of treatment, because you are paying a tribute (just stop thinking that findom is a marketplace) or offering your whole self to someone else, then you are wrong.

With that I am not suggesting that every sub’s desires should be neglected, or that my submissives ever feel abandoned and ignored, contrariwise, I take great humiliating, demanding and sometimes sweet care of whoever I enjoy the company of, because that is part of my wishes...and trust me on that, I am always determined to fulfil them all, day after day.

I have a vaste amount of fetishes that I combine in imaginative ways to satisfy my control needs and my desires, and that is what my subs experience and are thankful for everyday. Whoever is under my dark wing and does not feel wanted or valued, is probably doing something that makes me totally unwilling to continue to give them attention, and if this ever happens to you, little finsub, you should really try to understand what you are doing wrong and fix the problem as soon as possible, because I know how much you crave for me to be around you, for my dominance and my power over you.

I do not care for your desires, servant, for between you and me I am the only one that is of value, you are not as worthy as me, as relevant, even, and this is why you are here, reading this, this is why you are here leaking and wishing to be mine.

Do not disappoint me, do not be unprepared.

Sacrifice for me and you will be rewarded.

Miss Demonia

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