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How to correctly behave in the presence of a Findomme

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

As I explained in the first part of what I will from now on call Etiquette for Finsubs, pocketbook version in 3 posts, I, just like almost every Findomme that I ever met, require a tribute even before the conversation starts, in order for you to show me your respect for my value and my kinks. This, servant, is not a tax or a punishment, and at the same time it is not a payment to achieve some of my time, but it is a sacrifice, the only way you have to show me you understand and share my main fetish the first moment we meet. The way to show you are worthy of a second glance. To let me know you aren't going to try to abuse of my time.

In the end all a finsub desires is what I can offer: guidance, domination, draining. How would my requirement to show you are here to serve me make you feel uncomfortable or unwilling in any sort of way?

But now, after your first tribute, how are you supposed to behave towards me?

Let’s bring clarity to this matter and let’s say that when it comes to talking with a Findomme, and in particular to me, the key words are 3: Resources, Respect, Rapidity. Allow me to properly explain them to you, so that the next time you will feel the desire of engaging a conversation with your beloved Miss Demonia, you will be well aware of what is welcome, accepted or considered disrespectful.

Resources: speaking about brain resources, you have to be smart and bright enough to understand what I am asking you to do and do it in the best way possible, to show me you’re not just an ATM, but the best ATM I could ever get. A clever sub will very hardly get boring for me, and he/she will get harder, but at the same time more satisfying tasks, while being kept in higher consideration. In addiction, the more financial resources my paypig has and is eager to donate, the more attention he will get from me. It is simple and clear, who dedicates more gets more in exchange.

Respect: always remember that I am superior. There is no other way to put it, you are the servant and I am the Miss, this will never change, even if you decide to try extremely hard to be a better version of yourself. You will always rattle on the floor while I crush you under my heels. It’s written in your blood, as it is in mine.

Rapidity: never ever make your Goddess wait. You should never address me when you do not have enough time to make yourself completely available for me, but in case you ever make that mistake, or in case I contact you first to check on your tasks and duties, remember to show how deeply sorry you are and to let me know that you cannot give me all the attention that I deserve. Plead me to come back to you later, after sending a proper donation for being a loss of my precious time. Keep in mind, my time is a not refundable asset that I hate wasting. Whoever I decide that does not deserve it, will not get a single second of it anymore.

And remember finsubs…lurking will not relieve your feelings. Surrendering will.

Tribute, send a DM and you won’t ever stop begging for more.

Miss Demonia

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