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I am what makes your life worth living

There have been many occasions for me to take pride in what I do as a dominatrix, both during my real life experience and online. Seeing how my influence and my control can positively change subservients' lives and push them to progress is definitely a reason for me to keep on doing what I am so passionate about, Findom and Femdom.

Today I wish to share something that happened not too long ago and that I truly enjoyed.

Some weeks ago, I received a message from a sub who did not talk to me for quite a while.

He came crawling at my feet when I first started appearing in some discord channels, and, after sending me a small tribute, way less than what I usually expect from whoever comes to me in order to beg for my attention, he pleaded me to take him into consideration as a submissive of mine, even tho he did not have a job and he was basically on the verge of poverty.

Obviously, after hearing his story, I refused his servitude, and I sharply told him that a servant who is running out of cash could never interest me, since I consider money control fundamental. I also ordered him to never message me again unless he got a reliable source of income, and I suggested him to make of job hunting his main priority from that day on, in order to satisfy his future Mistress, if he truly desired falling into the abyss of financial domination.

This happened on the 9th of September. On the 30th of the same month, I noticed that he sent me a DM, I opened it and this conversation happened.

Right after my last message, he sent a small tribute once again, to prove his impatience to properly serve me and his gratitude for my superiority and my guidance, which was extremely appreciated, and even if he is not currently one of my subservients he still sends and serves at his best as soon as he has the chance to do it.

This happening just proves my point once again, which is that I can be your stronger motivation, your Goddess, everything you need to make your life worth living, if you decide to stop wasting your time waiting for the best moment to start serving.

The best moment is now and that servant just had the luck to understand it right before you.

I am here to guide you, finsub, so don’t think, just follow.

I will give you a purpose.

Miss Demonia

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