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I know you are scared to admit it.

It’s extremely hard to admit to yourself how weak you can be deep inside. Most people hide behind a well structured facade of morally approved habits which is very hard to put aside and destroy.

Free yourself from it, there’s no need to keep it on here, for you and I already know the truth that you so desperately try to conceal with your family, your friends, the ones that are closer to your heart.

You are not deserving. You are not strong. You are not in charge.

I am.

And the thought of abandoning your safe life made of lies is at the same time scary and charming, because only through feeling my chains on your skin, my web around your mind, my eyes piercing your soul, you could ever be free of expressing yourself. Resisting will only make it harder for you to keep on living an empty life. Is it worth it, when you could be much happier and honest with yourself while serving me? I think it is not.

So give up, finsub, and crawl to me. Always worship your Mistress.

Miss Demonia

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