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I wish you a Merry Findom...

...And a Happy New Year!

I am on a sweet subdued holiday with my partner, talking pride in my control over my finsubs, who can't help wanting to serve more, send more.

Tonight a new year will start, a year full of satisfaction and pleasure, which will lead more of you servants under my absolute control. If there's a moment to radically change your own existence, this night represents the best one.

2018 is ending, 2019 will be the year of your submission, and this will lead you, I will lead you, to conquer true happiness.

Be proud of your place in the world, stop seeing your weakness as an insecurity, make of it your strength instead, by having me as your guidance.

Start serving tonight, send your tributes, finsub.

Better if 3 digits.

Miss Demonia

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