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If you want me to notice you you have to impress me.

I am amazed by the amount of people that try to sneak under my black wing without really having anything good to offer.

Generally it takes a while for anyone to really interest me in my vanilla life, and it gets at least a hundred times harder for a potential finsub to get me remotely involved. If you desire my special care you have to show me you are worthy of it, and it takes more than just simple words of submission.

I want to see your will to sacrifice your money and your wealth in order to make me the one who rules your life and your habits. You have to obey and demonstrate your commitment, your true devotion, your cleverness and your rapidity when you have to execute an order.

Serving me is a true honour that servants can only achieve with true loyalty, in fact I am surely not known for my forgiveness and that is exactly why I do not allow anyone to claim to be my finsub until they passed a probation period. I want to make sure that who I am evaluating is worthy of the privilege of showing my name connected to theirs.

Respect me, and right from the start be the best version of yourself, since you know that my servants are severely selected. At the same time, do not let your fears and your doubts refrain you from coming to me, if you feel like you could entertain me and dedicate yourself to me in a way I could appreciate.

Do you want to impress me?

Show me how much you want to be mine without ever being selfish.

Show me how much you desire my control.

Send your tributes and let them be enough to draw my attention.

Miss Demonia

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