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Merry Christmas Finsub

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

There is no better time of the year to give than Christmas.

This celebration wants to teach you how giving makes you richer, in the end, how fulfilling and joyful the act of sacrificing is. The consumistic side of it is just a small part of its true and deep meaning, money aren't but a way for you to physically show your dedication.

This Christmas, realise the truth.

You were made for serving, and only through it you will be able to find happiness and peace. The best present you could ever receive would be my care, my attention, my presence next to you, my happiness.

Your desires got annihilated the moment you saw me, all you can think about is how to reach for me, how to fill that void you have into your soul, for nothing and none seems to be able to make you feel whole again. You haven't felt complete a single day of your life, something was always missing.

I was missing.

So here I am, finsub, waiting in my den for you to crawl to me, ready to test if you are interesting and good enough for me to take you into my consideration. My desires will be fulfilled, either by you or by the others that respond to the call of the siren. You aren't necessary to me, but you can't go on without me.

Make yourself appealing for me, give me a reason to give you my attention, open your arms to welcome your destiny instead of refusing it.

This Christmas, give yourself to me.

It is easy to crush your will.

Miss Demonia

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