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The answer to your silent prayer.

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

What do you seek, lost submissive, in this desolate land?

You look so desperate, so tired of wandering without a moment of rest, so sick of looking for something that you can never seem to find. Have you tried to stop, to reason why you are here?

Why did you choose to lose yourself into the fetish world of findom, to travel and get drained of your energy day after day, and why can you not find peace?

Reaching my den, you can’t help but feeling obliged to enter, to keep your breath and study my wise words. While my eyes pierce yours, and you can’t stop staring into the deep abyss that is reflected into them, all your life comes to the surface of your mind. The stream of your thoughts weirdly interrups, it gets tangled and you become unable to reason. As I raise my head to address an evil, charming smile to you, you can’t help but bow down, all your strength gone, shaking and hoping to be welcomed, maybe hurt, surely used, while you slide your offering in front of me, a superior being that scares and attracts you.

Someone you already feel the need to serve… I, an angelic presence with the mind of a demon that can read through your flesh and bones, reaching your soul. Your so well hidden and protected core opens up to my touch like a blossoming dark flower, releasing everything you can never tell, everything you have to guard and lie about. All your insecurities, your desires, the wish of not being in charge, for once, or the one of being owned, or again the eradicated need to find someone that deserves what you have, but are not worthy of.

I do not grant wishes. If you crave to serve me, it will have to be my way or nothing, but you know well that a world without me would be empty, gray and valueless, now that you met me.

When you will realise it, your real journey will start, a joyful and exciting one.

The answer to your silent prayer was here all this time, now it’s your choice wether to take your chance or let it slip away.

There won’t be many of them.

Miss Demonia

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