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There is no escape from Findom

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

And you don’t really even want to escape.

When you try the thrill of donating everything you are and have to a way more righteous person there is no coming back, that feeling is too sweet, too addicting. You know that I deserve it way more than you, because everything you need is serving.

Don’t even try to lie to yourself, servant, you and I both know why you are here, what you need, even if you try to deny it, hide it. It is shameful to confront with this side of yourself, the one you keep secret from everyone else, the one that desires to bow down to a superior power, the one that needs directions, needs to be lead. But in the end, not fulfilling your own needs will make your life a hard, difficult path to walk, your energies will be wasted in trying to conceal your desire to be subdue and ultimately you will never reach happiness.

Once you try the addicting feeling of putting someone else in charge of your ownings, the ultimate and most empowering for the dominant of the bdsm practices, you will not be able to go back. Pure servitude comes with true worship and dedication. Your material goods aren't but another way you can please me with.

So, do not worry, I perfectly know how you feel. Scared, excited, willing to prove yourself worthy.

I understand you.

That’s why you relapsed into findom over and over again, even before meeting me, falling back into the abyss a little further every time. And now that you found your real destination, me, you look at me as a superior guide who can help you dedicate your life to what truly matters, who can mold you like soft clay and make you into what you were always destined to be.

A true servant.

Miss Demonia

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