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Trust your Mistress

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Everything you desire, everything you crave for is embodied in your Mistress. You reached the point where you can’t deny it anymore, you just want to give in, release yourself and beg for my attention, because it feels just so right, so perfect. It feels like you’ve always belonged in findom and under my control.

You have been scared of it, you’ve been thinking that it’s absolutely crazy to sacrifice your wealth for someone else’s wellness and empowerment, but the idea of absolute submission tickles your soul everyday a little more, and, in the end, what’s the best way to show your devotion to a Mistress, if not tributing your hard working hours to her?

I know well that giving your trust, specially if you were already disappointed in the past, is definitely hard in your vanilla life, and it gets even harder when it comes to the filthy world of Findom that you can find online. A fetish of this kind, that involves a tangible power exchange, symbolized by money, is extremely likely to attract many people that are not interested in the kink itself and more focused on how much money they can make out of it, by defrauding and catfishing.

So how can you end up trusting me to the point of serving me unconditionally?

First of all, research. Without knowing the truth you may never be able to be completely devoted to me, so why not spending your time in the correct way, studying my blog, my Twitter and joining me on Discord, to make sure that you truly wish to serve me? That way not only you will have a clearer idea of who I am, but you will also have the absolute certainty of how genuine and truthful I am, of how deep my passion and desire for control are, how wonderfully I administrate my servants' lives.

Once you will decide to come into my den, you will be ready to listen to my words and ultimately to bow down in front of me, because you will recognize how I am everything you were looking for, everything you are missing in your life and know you need. Motivation, guidance, dominance. Day by day, your trust will grow, your will to put your whole existence in my hands will become almost unbearable, as well your need to submit to me.

Little servant you have been looking from afar for so long, dreaming of being mine… set yourself free, begging me to put you in chains.

Miss Demonia

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