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You do not deserve me

Take a moment to look at yourself. What do you see, little servant? Does the mirror reflect a powerful, complete person who can handle his life and fulfill his own desires, or is that just a mere facade that hides what really lies deep inside of your soul? The need, such a strong need to kneel down and beg to be used and mistreated, but also to be taken care of and deprived of the necessity to think and decide for yourself…

I am sure that if you are hungrily reading my blog, this is what you really feel, even if it is hard, at first, to admit it. And so, here you are, drooling over my body, obsessing over my personality and my words, dreaming of being with me, to touch me, to be close enough to smell the scent of my slightly sweaty skin. Dreaming of being crushed under my feet, humiliated, pegged, drained.

But, do you really think you have the right to dream of such things?

Did you earn it in any sort of way?

No, finsub, you didn’t.

You are too scared of losing your essence to completely let yourself go.

So give yourself time to understand your real needs and then to trust me. When you will come to me, at last, you will be prepared for what awaits you, for you will already know that you will never beg enough, never sacrifice enough, never be enough.

Always remember that you do not deserve my time and my presence, and for how much you will dedicate to me, in terms of loyalty, time and money, you won’t ever be able to elevate yourself at my level. We both know it.

It is my privilege to decide when and if it is time to use you, to play with you and twist your little mind, whilst you shall never stop worshipping, gooning and sending, if you wish to fulfill my desires and recognize that my wishes are far more important than yours.

But don’t despair, you may gain the right to be at my feet and prove yourself a little less unvaluable than the others… after all, spending on me is the best use you could ever find for the money you have in your bank account. It was not yours from the moment you felt my power over you anyways, and what used to be your luxuries are now not so appealing anymore. Serving me selflessly is.

Release all your doubts and dark thoughs, let yourself fall into the abyss, under my guidance.

Miss Demonia

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