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You will be happy if you stop resisting

I had a very nice conversation with a relapsing finsub, yesterday. The last message he sent me, after complimenting me and admitting how deep addiction was, was: “please do not rape my wallet too hard”. To me, it really felt like being in front of a little rattling girl, who was pleading me not to hurt her pounding too hard her delicate inviting asshole with my big thick strap on, while her eyes, two dark wells filled up with need and lust, were telling me the exact opposite of what was coming out of her mouth.

It’s a sweet feeling I felt before, that makes me cruelly smile and feeds my will to humiliate and gain power from a submissive consenting pig. I knew what he wanted and desired even better than him, I could easily read what was hidden in the depths of his soul.

It’s easy. In the end what you really want is for me to completely deprive you of any control over your life. Your deepest desire, that you weakly try to deny, is to be a puppet in my hands whilst you can’t help obeying my orders, executing my tasks, forever helpless and forever worshipping who is playing you like an instrument, the goddess you chose and dedicated all your life to. Me.

You want me to rape your wallet.

You want me to get all of you.

So, beg for it, instead of hiding your needy eyes behind your fingers, because we both know that my sight can trespass flesh and bones and reach the soul inside of you.

You will be happy if you stop resisting.

Miss Demonia

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